In progress

  • Industrial deposition and characterization of ternary nitride thin films
    Student: Sahand Behrangi, M.Sc.
    Supervisor: Petr Vašina
  • Deposition process based on pulsed arc synchronised with substrate bias for deposition of AlTiN and AlCrN coatings.
    Student: Martin Učík
    Supervisor: Petr Vašina
  • Study of PVD process driven by standard and multipulse operation of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
    Student: Martin Ondryáš
    Supervisor: Jaroslav Hnilica
    Master thesis
  • Preparation of thin films by reactive multipulse magnetron sputtering
    Student: Tomáš Rada
    Supervisor: Pavel Souček
    Master thesis
  • Preparation of high entropy alloy coatings
    Student: Lukáš Vrána
    Supervisor: Pavel Souček
    Master thesis
  • Controlling spokes during the HiPIMS discharge
    Student: Terézia Halamová
    Supervisor: Peter Klein
    Bachelor thesis
  • Machine learning-assisted modelling of amorphous materials
    Student: Tomáš Rottenberg
    Supervisor: Pavel Ondračka
    Bachelor thesis

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