Thin film deposition systems

Vinci Technologies PVD 50S

Custom made PVD system, which can be utilized for simultaneous sputtering from four targets. Multiple power supplies are available (DC, p-DC and RF)

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Alcatel SCM 650

System can be equiped with three differently shaped planar magnetrons and it's modified for HiPIMS plasma diagnostics (probe, OES and fast-camera measurements).

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HVM Flexilab

Compact and versatile laboratory sputtering system by company HVM Plasma, which can utilize up to three targets for R&D of the next-generation thin films deposition process.

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Material Analysis

Advanced equipment for material analysis and characteristics is available directly at the Department of Physical Electronics. It is possible to determine the morphology, microstructure and chemical composition of deposited coatings, as well as their mechanical and tribological properties.

Tescan MIRA3

A scanning electron microscope for the analysis of sample surface morphology. The microscope is equipped with EDX and WDX for complex chemical analysis.

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Horiba LabRAM HR Evolution

Raman spectrometer for structural analysis of samples. The spectrometer is equipped with three lasers (IR, VIS, UV) for micro characterisation of samples.

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Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter

Advanced nanoindenter for analysis of mechanical properties of materials. It enables very accurate measurement of mechanical and tribological properties of thin films.

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A highly sensitive x-ray photoelectron spectroscope enables the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical composition including the depth profile and chemical bonds.

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Bruker DektakXT

Contact profilometer for the analysis of morphology with a height resolution of just 0.1 nm used primarily for the analysis of thin films and surface roughness.

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NT-MDT Ntegra Prima

A modular probe microscope, which enables different types of surface analysis. It is also suited for time consuming measurements thanks to its thermal stability.

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Microscope is designed for nanometer level imaging, 3D measurement and roughness measurement. Magnification ranges from 108x - 17,280x.

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REVETEST Xpress plus

A device used for characterisation of mechanical properties of the coating-substrate system. In combination with other equipment, it is used to measure adhesion and fracture toughness.

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Rigaku SmartLab Type F

X-ray diffractometer with a high resolution for the study of thin film microstructure (structural and phase analysis of the samples including automatic scanning).

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Plasma diagnostics

Modern spectrometers, fast ICCD camera and probe diagnostics enable to study the fundamental principles of plasma utilized in sputtering systems. Combining these techniques and derived results is essential element of advanced plasma diagnostics.

Princeton Instruments PI-MAX3

ICCD camera with resolution 1024 by 1024 pixels is ideal instrument for capturing very fast processes occurring in plasma. It can capture nanosecond events.

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Probe diagnostics

Probes are powerfull tool for plasma description. Various types of probes are used for temporal and spatial resolution of plasma proccess above the target.

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Shamrock 750 & FHR 1000

There are available two Czerny-Turner optical spectrometers with focal lengths 750 mm and 1000 mm. They're equipped with CCD and ICCD detectors for acquiring the spectra.

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